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My name is Mark James Wooding. Back in 2013, I began writing a web-based application to help me homeschool my daughters. I had to work full-time, and in the evening my time was limited because my mother’s Alzheimer’s had begun to seriously affect her.

With this application, when I was at work I would get an email when one of my daughter’s logged in to check her assignments, and an email each time they had finished one. If the assignment was a worksheet, all that either of my daughters had to do was to click on the link, and the worksheet would be generated automatically by the webserver, and it would be saved to the database and also sent as an html page to my daughter’s computers. After filling out the worksheet, all my daughters would have to do was to click on the button to score the worksheet. A page would be generated showing them the score, I would be sent an email notifying me of the score, and the next assignment to do that worksheet would be automatically scheduled.

In the evenings, all we had to do was to discuss their reading assignments, and whatever else was next to be learned.

I took this application offilne a few years ago, but I think there are a lot of people who could benefit from it. Anyone can go online and do the worksheets for free, but if they want access to the more advanced features, they’ll need to become supporters here and send me an email requesting a username.

The first month will be free so that you can decide whether or not the product is useful to you. If you don’t like it, you can just cancel your support. If you like it, it will cost you $5.00 a month.


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